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HIV Research Program

NIH HIV/AIDS Executive Committee

The NIH HIV/AIDS Executive Committee (NAEC) is the advisory arm and coordinating committee for all NIH HIV research efforts that provides recommendations to the Director of the Office of AIDS Research (OAR) regarding the development and implementation of HIV/AIDS research programs and funding priorities in accordance with the NIH Strategic Plan for HIV and HIV-related Research. The NAEC also facilitates inter and intra-agency communication among the OAR and Institutes, Centers, and Offices to coordinate program initiatives and assists in the governance of NIH wide HIV/AIDS research plans, policies, and procedures. NAEC membership primarily includes a designated HIV/AIDS Coordinator from each ICO with an HIV/AIDS research budget.

A diagram that shows the relationship between the NIH Office of AIDS Research and the NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices that support HIV/AIDS research. The Office of AIDS Research logo appears in the center of the diagram and is connected by lines to 28 multicolored small circles that surround the Office of AIDS Research logo. Each circle represents a different Institute, Center, or Office and contains the abbreviation for the Institute, Center, or Office.

To see the full names of the Institute, Center, or Office that is abbreviated in each circle, view this List of ICOs at NIH.

This page last reviewed on January 20, 2023