NIH Strategic Plan for HIV and HIV-Related Research

The Office of AIDS Research (OAR) develops a strategic plan called the NIH Strategic Plan for HIV and HIV-Related Research. The Plan provides a roadmap for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) HIV/AIDS research program, ensuring that funds are allocated in accordance with established NIH scientific research priorities. The Plan guides the NIH investment, building on scientific progress and opportunities for advancing HIV/AIDS research toward an end to the pandemic. OAR allocates funds to nearly every NIH Institute and Center.

Broad input from NIH intramural and extramural scientists and other U.S. and international stakeholders is incorporated in the Plan. The Plan informs the scientific community, the public, Congress, people with HIV, and organizations working in HIV about the NIH HIV/AIDS research agenda.

Per the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993, the Plan is reviewed annually and revised as appropriate.

NIH Strategic Plan for HIV and HIV-related Research FY2019/2020

This page last reviewed on October 3, 2018